Cloud was Found in a Garbage Bin Crying for Help

| December 15, 2022

If it weren’t for the sanitation worker who heard Cloud’s cries from a garbage bin, we do not know where she may have ended up. 

Luckily, he heard Cloud’s cries for help and sifted through bags of garbage until he found a traumatized cat covered in filth. He brought her to us that same morning. 

Research shows that animals, like humans, can experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Cloud displayed all the signs of PTSD – a lack of trust, hypervigilance, and sleeplessness. She was shut down, stressed, and terrified of everything that moved. 

After a careful medical examination, Cloud was moved to our behavioural team’s office which features a 5-star set up with multiple beds, plenty of toys, and a cat tower. Once Cloud settled in, the team began slowly working on a personalized behaviour plan which included treat trails, reading time, gentle play, and positive interactions.  

It took time for Cloud to work through her trauma. For weeks she hid from visitors – all you could see were her bright green eyes peering out from behind her blanket fort. But with patience and persistence, Cloud began to warm up to the presence of humans.  

As soon as she began playing with her toys, she progressed quickly. She was sitting in laps, rubbing up against legs, and chatting with everyone around her. After less than a month in our care, Cloud found her confidence again and was adopted into a loving home.

Sadly, the reality is that Cloud’s story is not the first or the last of its kind. There are many more animals that are subjected to the same level of cruelty.  

Thanks to the generous support of our community, Cloud was able to receive the care she needed the very first day she arrived at our doors in the hopeful arms of a kind sanitation worker.  

With your help, resources can be there for the next animal who arrives at our facility abandoned, neglected, or abused. You can be there to help them get back on their paws with confidence to start the life they deserve with in a loving home and a family to call their own.