Peachy - Happy Tail


| February 1, 2022
Happy Tails

It’s been thirteen months since we adopted Peachy, and we are so obsessed with her! We are so grateful to Toronto Humane Society. Peachy has lost the weight needed and is in excellent and stable health with her diabetes.

She has gained many nicknames over these months—Sweet Pea, Pea, and her favourite, Littles! She is a very laid back and calm kitty, but mostly, she is loving, affectionate, and the best companion we could ask for.

We live for all her different ways of communicating with us through her churls and chatter. She even has a special way to ask for belly rubs and belly kisses!

She loves “helping” with puzzles (sitting on the pieces), watching Schitts Creek with us, and she even has her own “work” chair where she taps us with her paw three times for pets. She follows us everywhere we go, and we absolutely adore her.

We are especially grateful to Shannen McNee, our Cat Behavior Consultant for guiding us and making sure our experiences were stress free, such as glucose testing and moving to a new home. Through it all Peachy has been nothing but a rockstar.

She is acting like a kitten again in the new place (running up and down the stairs, climbing boxes, and loving all the windows and sun!). We love her so much and think she is the most special and amazing cat we could have hoped for. Thank you, Toronto Humane Society!

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