Ruby - Happy Tails


| November 28, 2021
Happy Tails

I want to update you on how my new furry friend Ruby (formerly Wednesday) is doing at her new forever home. She is one years old.

When I brought her home on the first day last week, Ruby immediately went to hide underneath my sofa bed and under the kitchen counters. She hid for three days, and I hardly saw her.

I am happy that she has been gradually gaining her confidence living into her new forever home because I’ve been seeing her more often getting on top of the window’s ledge, the dining table, and on top of the furniture’s scratching post.

Now she follows me everywhere in my apartment because I’ve been patting her and speaking to her softly. I can tell that she is beginning to like me.

My heart was broken, and I could not stop crying, when my former cat Garfield passed away during the last week of September. Since I’ve adopted Ruby on October 19, 2021, I’ve been feeling happy because she brought me lots of joy.

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