| February 6, 2023
Happy Tails

I wanted to give you an update on how Rusty (formerly Radar) has been settling into his new home. We have had him almost 2 months now!

As I sit writing this, he is smooshed up against me, nudging my knee every time I stop touching him. He is the sweetest, smooshiest, most loving bunny! Even within a few hours of getting him home, all he wanted was love and attention. It made me cry to see how sweet and trusting he was with us already.

He has definitely helped heal our broken hearts. Our sweet boy Hamish passed away suddenly, almost 5 months ago now. He was such a character and the apartment felt so empty without him. We will always miss him, but we knew we needed to adopt another bunny not just for our sakes, but for Maisey’s too.

We are still working on bonding them, but we are making progress! Rusty is the most perfect boy and I’m so happy we found him.

Rusty deserves all the love in the world, and we plan on cuddling and kissing him until he gets sick of us. Which I doubt he ever will since his neediness is ridiculous! Every time I have a shower, he is sitting on the bathmat waiting for me. Right in the way I might add! Thanks for introducing us to him.

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