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Holiday Giving

Hope for the Holidays

‘Tis the season for giving back and what better way than to help animals out this holiday season? Not only will they appreciate your generosity, but you’ll feel warm and fuzzy inside after seeing the impact your efforts made.

Whether it’s a freshly baked treat, a new out-of-the-package toy, or a cozy blanket, these Perfectly Picked Presents are more than something fun, they’re gifts of hope. Help remind the pets in our care that their forever homes are just around the corner and that they’re deeply loved this holiday season.

In return, you’ll receive a personalized thank you letter with photos from a pet that will warm your heart better than any hot cocoa could.

31 Days of Holiday Giving Calendar

Do you recall the sheer joy of opening the door on your advent calendar every December morning? Watching the days creep every-so-slowly to the end of the year was just as much fun as seeing what surprise was behind the door. We’re sharing this festive feeling with 31 days of giving! Everyday something new from our calendar below will open – winter backgrounds, adorable pet videos, contests and more. Don’t forget to check in daily to open new gifts!

Day 1 - Winter Background #1
Day 2 - Meet Saint
31 days of giving
Day 3 - Enter to win a $25 Ren's Pets Gift Card
Winter Colouring Page - Dog
Day 4 - Dog Colouring Page
Day 5 - Meet Lilian
Day 6 - Dog Treat Recipe
Day 7 - Meet Gucci and Choppy
Day 8 - Animal Adventures: Decorating
Day 9 - Meet Jupiter
Day 10 - Cat Treat Recipe
Day 11 - Winter Background #2
Day 12 - Enter to win a $25 Pet Smart Gift Card
Day 13 - Animal Adventures - Winter Activity
Day 14 - Meet Hopper
Day 15 - Winter Background #3
Day 16 - Rabbit Colouring Page
Day 17 - Win Two PetSmart $25 Gift Cards
Day 18 - Meet Turtellini
Day 19 - Holiday Background
Day 20 - Animal Adventures: Celebrating
Day 21 - Winter Background #4
Day 22 - Meet Martin
Day 23 - Winter Background #5
Day 24 - Meet Gherkin, Dill & Pickles
Day 25 - Animal Adventures: Baking Cookies
Day 26 - Special Species Recipe
Day 27: New Year's Background
Day 28: Meet Finkelstein Tinglemeyer
Day 29: Animal Adventures: Building a Snowman
Day 30: Cat Colouring Page
Day 31: Meet The "Fruit Puppies"
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