Humane Champion - Black Panther

Black Panther

| March 2, 2022

Black Panther and his five siblings were a surrender to Toronto Humane Society.  

Black Panther had a runny nose, moderate gingivitis, and was missing patches of hair. He was put on antibiotics and hair samples were submitted to test for ringworm. The group went into isolation as we awaited the results of the hair tests – all their tests came back negative.  

As Black Panther continued to have nasal discharge even after he finished with the antibiotics – our our staff decided to investigate whether his ears could be causing the issue. He was sedated and a detailed examination was done on his ears but everything looked good. It was determined that the runny nose was a result of chronic rhinosinusitis which can happen when the lining of the sinuses gets irritated and creates extra mucus.  

Black Panther has an adoption pending.  

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