Brick - Humane Champion


| May 25, 2022

Brick was transported to Toronto Humane Society from another rescue. 

The first thing our medical staff noticed was Brick would limp and bob his head when he walked. His intake examination noted some scarring on his face (perhaps from an old injury) and some dental work that would need to be done before adoption. Brick was started on pain medication to help him with any discomfort he might have with regards to his limp and his teeth. 

 X-rays were done to determine if a previous trauma may have caused the limp issue but there was no evidence of that. The treatment recommended was to continue with pain medications and restricted activity and if the limp did not resolve, to have the x-rays re-done. 

Brick went to a foster home where the foster parent observed that not only was the limp getting worse, but Brick was having issues with his back hips, too. 

Brick has been seen by an orthopedic surgeon and he will stay in the care of Toronto Humane Society until our medical staff clear him for adoption. 

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