A successful story from our Humane Champion program


| January 3, 2024

Bunny, a sweet 14-year-old cat, was brought to us when her owner had to move outside of the city, into a place that would not allow pets.  Like many senior cats, she was showing signs of her age, including heavy tartar build up and carrying extra weight that made grooming difficult at times.  When our veterinarian team did a full examination, however, they found that Bunny had a golf ball sized mass on her left flank.   

Samples of the mass were taken, and Bunny is now awaiting surgery.  Your monthly support means that we can care for Bunny, and other senior cats like her, who might otherwise not receive treatment because of their age.  Fortunately, there has already been some interest in adopting Bunny, and we are grateful that she will be going to a family that is aware of her medical needs and looking forward to helping Bunny live out the rest of her days in comfort and affection.   

Be a Humane Champion monthly donor and change lives. Together we can continue to nurture the human-animal bond by directly supporting shelter care, training, education, and vet services. Your generosity means animals will live the life they were meant to live.