Humane Champion - Ferdinand


| July 5, 2023

This handsome man was brought to us as a stray. Although we don’t know the exact age of Ferdinand, our veterinarians think he’s around 12 years old, which is a sheer testament to his resilience.  

Arriving quite matted and disheveled, we immediately treated Ferdinand to a spa day by giving him a manicure, a pedicure, and a brand-new haircut. His overall condition immediately improved. 

Ferdinand tested positive for hyperthyroidism, which is a common disease in senior cats. He will need to take an oral medication, called methimazole, for the rest of his golden years. This medication will help control the effects of an overactive thyroid gland.  

With gentle headbutts and soft purrs, Ferdinand doesn’t hesitate to show his everlasting gratitude. 

Because of your support, Ferdinand now has an adoption pending, serving as a wonderful reminder that senior animals can be rehabilitated from the streets and find loving homes. 

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