A successful story from our Humane Champion program


| December 6, 2023

Flora’s owner brought her home in hopes of forming a strong bond with her as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA). Unfortunately, the ESA paperwork was not approved, and the landlord would not allow Flora to stay in the rental property without it.  She was brought to Toronto Humane Society where she was spayed and made available for adoption. During her post-surgery recovery, Flora had no appetite. Our team soon noticed that she would lick small amounts of the food while someone was standing next to her cage but would ignore the food when alone. Cats are typically social eaters, and the stress of the shelter environment can sometimes lead to shelter anorexia.

Your support means that our team has the resources and can dedicate the time needed to care for a sensitive case like Flora’s. She is recovering and gaining strength each day, and once medically cleared she will be ready to go home with her adoptive family.     

Be a Humane Champion monthly donor and change lives. Together we can continue to nurture the human-animal bond by directly supporting shelter care, training, education, and vet services. Your generosity means animals will live the life they were meant to live.