Rey, Finn and Poe

Rae, Finn and Poe

| May 24, 2021

Name and photo of pets and guardians changed to protect privacy. 

A family member reached out to our Urgent Foster Care program on behalf of three cats who needed temporary housing when their owner fell ill. 

The trio were brought to Toronto Humane Society, assessed and then taken into a foster home. 

When the owner’s illness would no longer allow her to care for her cats, she asked that we find them good homes. While this wasn’t the hoped-for outcome, this is what the family had to say: 

“You were all so very helpful…. when I was trying to catch the one remaining elusive cat, you had people come to help me catch her. …. I was so very impressed with your handling of the situation and the caring you show about these poor animals …. Your service is invaluable and you have saved these three kitties’ lives by taking them in to be fostered, and now to be adopted, as (owner) is now not well enough to care for them. We are so grateful for your help and kindness. You provide a wonderful service and deserve a great deal of credit for being so diligent and caring.”

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