Become a Monthly Donor and Help More Dogs like Scarlett and her Pups

| July 8, 2022

Scarlett, a 3-year-old Husky, and her 6 puppies were transferred into our care from a northern community. These adorable blue-eyed, rambunctious puppies arrived with tongues out, tails wagging, and hope of finding their forever homes in the GTA.  

Scarlett was just as excited, but before her arrival we were informed that she may have a neurological issue. She could walk and trot in a straight line, but when she would turn her hind legs would give out and she would fall. She was also always bumping into things. 

But Scarlett has significantly improved since being in our care. Her neurologic symptoms of incoordination, weakness, and vision impairment are most likely due to a nutritional deficiency. Pregnant and lactating dogs can be more prone to nutritional deficiencies when not eating a balanced diet because of the nutritional demands of supporting nursing pups. She has been put on a balanced diet and has been improving.  

Throughout Scarlett’s journey to recovery, she has been an amazing mom to her 6 pups. She is very loving, enjoys cuddling with her babies, and readily accepts attention and pats from humans. She also loves to play fetch! 

Thanks to the support from our monthly donors, Scarlett’s puppies will receive their vaccines, spay and neuter surgeries, and move in their forever homes. Scarlett will also receive her spay surgery and continue to be monitored by our medical team. Once she’s feeling better, she too will move into her forever home.  

Improve the Lives of More Animals – Become a Humane Champion

Did you know that the average cost to provide care to each pet who comes through our doors averages around $2,500? 

Our monthly donors strongly support the lifesaving work that we provide. Their steady stream of income helps us to plan and budget how many animals we can care for.  

By donating $20 a month for a year, you can help care for more animals, like Scarlett and her puppies, that are transferred into our care. These pets typically come from areas that don’t have access to veterinary care, so they’ll need a full medical exam, up-to-date vaccines, spay and neuter surgeries, and possibly other medical treatments. 

For less than a dollar day, you can make a world of difference and allow us to keep helping more animals and the animal loving community.