Leaves on Your Grass? “Leave” Em!

| November 5, 2021

Leaves aren’t litter

The air is cooler, the days are shorter, and leaves are covering our lawns and yards. But before you head out to clear them away, consider “leaving” them instead. Hear us out:

The growing number of leaves on your lawn can sustain life in a handful of ways. It’s true! They shelter the roots of trees during the cold winter months, eventually releasing nutrients into the soil for these same trees to produce more leaves in the spring!

It doesn’t end there, either. Leaves provide resources and protection for many forms of wildlife. According to the Xerces Society, an international conservation organization, this includes wildlife like butterflies, moths, and bumble bees. Even chipmunks and birds benefit from you leaving the leaves on the grass, as much of their living food, from snails to worms, love burrowing into leaves during the colder months.

“Yeah, but what about my lawn?” You might be asking. The David Suzuki Foundation notes that, “leaving a thin layer of mulched leaves over winter won’t smother your beloved turfgrass.” Instead, “it can boost soil and lawn health.”

Far from litter, leaves shelter, sustain, and support natural life in so many ways. So why not kick back this Fall, enjoy the pretty colours, and let life return to your yard in all its diversity.

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