Making Your Dog’s Walks Enjoyable and Safe

| April 19, 2024

As the temperatures rise and the days grow longer, spring presents the perfect opportunity to get out and about with our canine companions. With the arrival of this vibrant season, pet parents can take advantage of the warmer weather to make their dog’s walks more enjoyable while ensuring their safety along the way. Here are some tips to help you and your pup make the most of your springtime strolls. 

Embrace the Season

Spring brings a burst of new sights, smells, and sounds that can captivate your dog’s senses. Take your furry friend on routes that showcase the beauty of the season, such as parks with blooming flowers or trails with fresh greenery, and take your time to allow them to sniff, see, and hear new things. 

Stay Hydrated

With the warmer weather, it’s essential to keep both you and your dog hydrated during walks. Bring along a portable water bottle and collapsible bowl to ensure your furry friend stays refreshed throughout your outing. 

Protect Against Fleas and Ticks

As temperatures rise, so does the activity of fleas and ticks. Ensure your dog is up to date on flea and tick prevention medication to protect them from these pesky parasites. Additionally, perform regular checks for ticks after walks, paying close attention to areas such as ears, armpits, and between toes. Toronto Humane Society’s Public Veterinary Services offers flea and tick preventative. Click here to book your appointment.  

Be Mindful of Other Dogs

Just as each dog has their own unique temperament and behaviour, so too do the dogs you may encounter on your walks. Being mindful means recognizing cues of discomfort or aggression in other dogs and taking appropriate actions to prevent conflicts. This could involve controlling your dog with cues, maintaining a safe distance from unfamiliar dogs, and respecting the boundaries of other pet parents.  

Watch Out for Allergies

Just like humans, dogs can experience seasonal allergies. Keep an eye out for signs of allergies, such as excessive scratching, licking, or sneezing. If you suspect your dog is suffering from allergies, consult with your veterinarian for appropriate treatment options. 

Practice Good Leash Etiquette

With more people and pets out and about in spring, it’s crucial to maintain proper leash etiquette. Always keep your dog on a leash to ensure their safety and prevent unwanted interactions with other animals or pedestrians. 

For further guidance on leash walking, Toronto Humane Society provides public training and behaviour classes. Explore our available training classes and sign up here for expert assistance. 

Be Mindful of Wildlife

Springtime brings an increase in wildlife activity, including birds, squirrels, and other small animals. Keep your dog leashed to prevent them from chasing or approaching wildlife, which can lead to potentially dangerous encounters.