Need Help with the Terrible Twos? Enroll in Our Adolescent Dog Manners Class

| September 1, 2000

How can something so adorable be so exhausting? Just like toddlers, puppies exude lots of energy and just want to run around all day. Your cute, little pup is now in their teenage years. Your puppy becomes an adolescent dog around the time their canine teeth start to come in, and this developmental stage lasts until they’re about eighteen months of age. During this time your puppy’s immature brain is changing and developing, and it can be a difficult and challenging period in both their life and yours. Enroll in our Terrible Twos (and under) Adolescent Dog Manners Class today to get professional help from our Certified Animal Trainers. 

Why Take Our Class?

All our training classes use science-based methods like positive reinforcement, as it has proven to be the best method for training dogs of all ages. By rewarding their good behaviour with a high-value treat, they’ll begin to form healthy habits that will modify unwanted behaviour. 

The Terrible Twos (and under) Adolescent Dog Manners Class focuses on impulse control exercises, unruly behaviour like jumping up, and responding to cues like recall in the presence of distractions. If you have an over-excited, unruly, or unfocused adolescent dog, then our class will provide you with tips, advice, and confidence to master their skills. 

What are the details?

Date: Every Thursday starting on September 7th and ending on September 28th  

Time: 6:00pm 

Price: $220 for the full package 

Location: 11 River Street, meeting in the basement outside the training room. 

How Do I Enroll?

Excited to get started? Click this link to enroll in our Terrible Twos (and under) Adolescent Dog Manners Class. Hurry – spots are limited and are already filling up. It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks, but why wait? Enroll today and build a bond that will last a lifetime! 

If you aren’t sure if this is the right class for you, please email us at to get advice on which class to enroll in.