Adoption Hero


Kiara is a charming and energetic pup with a heart full of love just waiting to be shared! This beautiful girl has been working hard at the shelter to polish up her manners and learn some impressive skills.

Training Highlights: Kiara has been soaking up knowledge like a sponge! With approximately 3-4 walks a day, she's been mastering loose leash walking and focusing on her handler (she's a real pro at making eye contact!). In addition, Kiara has been attending play groups with other shelter dogs to enhance her social skills and has aced the art of respectful interactions, taking breaks, and understanding her furry friends' signals.

Interaction with People: Kiara is a social butterfly! She adores meeting new people and is always eager to make friends. While she may get a bit overexcited with lots of affection and attention, she responds wonderfully to gentle interruptions and cues to take breaks. With a little guidance and structure, Kiara will blossom into the perfect companion for any loving family.

Interaction with Dogs: Kiara is a playtime enthusiast! She thrives on high-energy play sessions and has impeccable body language when engaging with other dogs. Her friendly and playful demeanor makes her a favorite among her furry peers. Whether it's romping around with pals or enjoying some solo playtime, Kiara's zest for life is infectious!

Favorite Activities: Kiara is a natural-born athlete! With her boundless energy and love for treats, she's a prime candidate for scent games and agility courses. She's exceptionally food-motivated, making training sessions a breeze. Kiara also has a knack for "hunting" and enjoys the thrill of chasing after toys and exploring her surroundings.

Ideal Home: Kiara would thrive in a home where her adopters are committed to providing mental and physical stimulation. She may need some extra guidance and patience with settling in new environments, especially when it comes to managing her scavenging tendencies. However, with the right approach and plenty of positive reinforcement, Kiara is sre to flourish into the perfect companion.

Kiara would also be the perfect dog for anyone who is looking to hone their skills in obedience, agility or tricks training!

Ready to welcome Kiara into your heart and home? Come meet this lovable sweetheart today!
Animal ID: 2000083796
Species: Dog
Breed: Mixed Breed, Medium (up to 44 lbs fully grown),Mix
Age: 1 Year 5 Months
Sex: Female
Size: M
Colour: Black /
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Declawed: No
Site: Toronto Humane Society
Location: Room D 1
Intake Date: 11/05/2024
On Hold: No
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