Raise Awareness and Help Keep Animals Out of Hot Cars

| June 10, 2022

Every summer we see this happening.  

Headlines, stories, special features and excuse after excuse – pets are left in parked cars to die of heat exhaustion. The animal’s owners may have just dashed into a corner store, ran into a friend’s house for a minute or two, but they are forgetting the temperature in their vehicle multiplies at an alarming rate in minutes. Their car becomes an oven!   

Gray skies or blue, sun or shade, hot, humid, mild, or breezy – it doesn’t matter. Even with the windows rolled down.   

Our goal behind this summer apparel campaign is to get the message once again across to pet owners that this is a real danger and cannot continue.   

Our new simple design T-Shirts, made right here in Canada, are the perfect summer staple to raise awareness and help keep animals out of hot cars.   

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