Animal Care Workers from Toronto Humane Society

Showing Appreciation for Animal Care Workers

| April 16, 2022

From Sunday, April 10th  to Saturday, April 16th , we’re showing appreciation for our Animal Care Workers (ACWs) with a week full of social media shoutouts, certificates, an inclusive BBQ lunch, and lots of fun activities. It takes a special person to work in animal care, and our ACWs are definitely special. 

ACWs work closely with animals with a variety of tasks. Whether it’s providing daily enrichment to the turtles, preparing meals, or cleaning puddles of puppy pee, our ACWs play an integral role in achieving our mission of Improving the Lives of Animals. 

Animal Care Workers are committed to the animals, day and night, weekends and holidays, and during these unprecedented times. What they do every day takes a lot of patience, knowledge, and a big, big heart.  

They are heroes to the animals in our care and champion world-class enrichment and standards.  It is thanks to them that we can continue to save lives and help pets grow healthy and happy.  

Thank you, Toronto Humane Society Animal Care Workers, for everything you do.