Spread Love by Sending a Valentine Goodie Gram to Animals in Need

| February 9, 2024

Spread love beyond your friends, family, and colleagues by sending a Goodie Gram to an animal in need. Toronto Humane Society’s Valentine e-store features treats, toys, and wellness items for shelter and community animals. Whether it’s a special treat, a playful toy, or essential wellness items like vaccines, microchips, or a wellness exam – each purchase contributes to the well-being of animals in need – like Bando. 

Bando’s Brave Battle Back to Health

When Bando arrived on November 16th, he faced a critical situation with a urethral obstruction, requiring urgent medical attention. His recovery journey began with a skin biopsy to address allergies and skin issues, only revealing the tip of the iceberg. 

In his foster home, Bando encountered challenges such as gastro upset, bloody urine, and lethargy. Radiographs revealed that Bando was suffering with bladder stones and an enlarged prostate, which lead to surgical intervention.  

Post-surgery, Bando faced discomfort, inflammation, and concentrated urine. With treatments like Apoquel for his skin and strict exercise restrictions, Bando showed remarkable improvement. 

Still in recovery, Bando has an affinity for toys, providing a distraction during this process. Choosing to send Goodie Grams to animals like Bando is not just a gesture of love but a tangible impact on their lives. 

Heartfelt Updates and Appreciation

As a token of gratitude, those who purchase Goodie Grams over $20 will receive more than just a tax receipt. Expect to be charmed with photos, a love letter, and a heartwarming video of shelter pets enjoying the gifts you’ve sent. It’s a personalized touch that makes the experience even more meaningful and connects you directly with the impact of your generosity. 

Time is of the essence! The Valentine’s Day e-store is only open until February 14th. So, seize the opportunity to make this Valentine’s Day extraordinary by bringing joy to animals in need. Your Goodie Grams purchase not only celebrates love but also supports the tireless efforts of Toronto Humane Society in caring for animals.