Thank You for Saving Moira and Her Kittens’ lives

| June 21, 2021

What happens when a cat comes into Toronto Humane Society’s care and is in distress from giving birth? We act fast. Time is of the essence.

Last month a community cat caretaker brought in an 8-month-old cat that was in the middle of giving birth. She had one stillborn baby, and the second baby was stuck in her canal – half in, half out. The kitten was in a breeched position. This is where the feet exit first causing the kitten’s head and arms to get stuck in the canal. This was a very dangerous situation for mom and baby.Our team of veterinarians acted fast. They sedated mom and were able to get the kitten out carefully. Unfortunately, this kitten had complications and later passed away.

Afterwards, we preformed an ultrasound and heard two more heartbeats. Mom was given an emergency C-section and the remaining two kittens arrived. But their story doesn’t end here.

One of the kittens lost his heartbeat. Stephanie Schrepfer, Veterinary Assistant, started to begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the little 75g kitten. With unwavering resilience and dedication from our team, miraculously, the kitten was revived. Both mom and her two babies survived.

Thanks to your support, our team was able to save the lives Moira and her two babies, David and Alexis. Because of your donations, we had the medical staff and resources to be able to save these three precious lives. Thank you!

How are they now? Moira and her kittens are currently getting all of the love and attention they need in a foster home. Moira purrs whenever she is pet and is described as a “great mom”. The kittens are healthy, gaining weight, and have recently opened their beautiful blue eyes. Once David and Alexis grow into healthy, older kittens, they will be looking for their new forever homes, as well as mom.

Your gift today of $20, $50 or even $100 will go directly towards helping future animals in need, providing them with high quality medical care, daily food and enrichment, and of course, a place to call home.

Thank you for continuing to support our life-saving work.