Be a Part of Victor’s Journey 

| December 9, 2022

Victor was surrendered to our care by a kind-hearted passerby who noticed him on the street. He was severely malnourished with a badly broken leg. He was so skinny you could see almost every bone of his body. His poor, tired frame was shaking  – it was heartbreaking to see.

He immediately received surgery and other treatment from our veterinarians. It didn’t take long for his physical health to start improving.  

Victor’s Journey Continues

Victor needs to take it easy while his fracture heals. Limited exercise is difficult for any pet, but especially one as energetic as Victor. Our certified trainers and shelter staff have been working hard to ensure Victor’s mindset, and his behaviour, are moving in the right direction.  

To further complicate things, when Victor finally does heal, he won’t be looking for a home here in Ontario. This is because of the province’s Breed Specific Legislation, which, since 2005, has punished dogs for their breed. Now, Victor will have to board a plane and find a home somewhere else in Canada.

Your donation will help us continue to care for Victor and many animals like him. And, when the time comes, your support will help fund Victor’s move to a place where he won’t face breed specific discrimination.