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Pet Food Bank

Toronto Humane Society believes that pets are cherished members of the family. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring that no pet goes hungry, even during challenging times.  

Originally launched decades ago, our Pet Food Bank has seen a significant increase in demand over the years. In 2023 alone, we provided over 189,000 pounds of food to families in need. While our service was initially intended for short-term assistance, we understand that circumstances can be complex, and many individuals may need to access our support longer than they anticipated. 

To broaden our assistance and strengthen our community bonds, Toronto Humane Society organizes monthly Community Day events, scheduled for the second Wednesday of each month. For upcoming dates and times, please refer to our calendar of events. These events serve as opportunities for community members facing hardship to access essential pet supplies, including food, pet dishes, collars, toys, crates, and much more. We invite all those in need to join us and benefit from the support provided at these events. 

Our Pet Food Bank Program operates during our regular operating hours at our location at 11 River Street. If you’re experiencing difficulty providing food for your furry friend due to financial constraints, we encourage you to visit us during these hours and we will provide you with food for a couple of days. You are welcome to visit as often as you need to.  

Our Pet Food Bank Program is available to families facing financial difficulties. Whether you’re experiencing a temporary setback, unexpected expenses, or a period of unemployment, we’re here to help bridge the gap and ensure that your pet’s needs are met. 

Visit Toronto Humane Society at 11 River Street during our operating hours and speak with one of our staff members or volunteers at the front desk.  While we strive to offer a variety of food options, it’s important to note that our Pet Food Bank operates soley on generous donations and as such, our inventory and supply may vary depending on the donations we receive. 

Our Commitment

Toronto Humane Society remains steadfast in its commitment to assisting both pets and their families. Through initiatives like our Pet Food Bank, we strive to guarantee that every pet receives the care and compassion they deserve, irrespective of their family’s financial situation. The impact of our Pet Food Bank continues to expand, becoming an essential resource within our community.  

Join Us in Making a Difference

If you’re passionate about helping pets in need, please consider contributing to our Pet Food Bank program through donations of pet supplies, pet food, or monetary contributions. Our Pet Food Bank is fully supported by donations, making your support more crucial in sustaining this vital service.  

If you wish to donate pet supplies or unopened bags of pet food, please drop off your donations to 11 River Street during our operating hours. We welcome your support in helping us continue this vital service. Together, we can make a meaningful impact in the lives of pets and their families in our community. 

Feeding More Bellies with Our Pet Food Donation “Best Before Date” Protocol

Did you know that pet food remains safe to consume long after its printed Best Before Date? It’s true! Bacterial growth and the gradual decline in food quality doesn’t happen overnight, and if pet food is stored safely and the packaging is sealed, undented, and intact, Animal Welfare Organizations that have Pet Food Banks can extend the life of pet food donations and distribute more food to families in need. Click here to read Toronto Humane Society Protocol: Pet Food Donation After “Best Before Date”.   

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