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Valentine’s Day – Send a Goodie Gram to the Pets in Our Care

February 14, 2023

Share a Love Like No Other

The love of an animal is a love like no other. The levels of trust and devotion, the deep-rooted care and sense of comfort they bring to every moment of our lives is special. Whether it’s a dog getting you off your butt for a morning walk, a cat crashing your zoom meeting for a much-needed break, or a bunny bouncing into your arms at the end of a rough day – there is nothing like the bond we share with our animals.  

This Valentine’s Day, join us in celebrating this love like no other by sending an animal in our care a Valentine’s Day Goodie Gram. 

When you purchase a Valentine’s Day Goodie Gram, an animal in our care will receive a bag full of romantic goodies on your behalf – their Valentine! This will not only make their day, but it will also remind them that they are truly loved by someone out there.  

Funds from Goodie Grams will go towards supporting all animals in our care, as well as programs and services aimed at strengthening the human-animal bond and keeping pets at home where they belong: at home with their families.  

In return for helping us spread the love, you’ll receive a personalized love letter written by a pet that you helped feel loved this Valentine’s Day, as well as a video of the pets in our care enjoying their Goodie Grams.      

Send an animal a Valentine’s Day Goodie Gram.

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