Uniting for Toronto’s Pets and their Families

| March 22, 2024
Your support is instrumental in making a difference in the lives of both humans and animals. Together, let us stand united and create a community where compassion knows no bounds.
In the midst of Toronto’s current challenges, it’s not just our human residents feeling the impact; our beloved animal companions are also navigating through tough times. Here are seven ways you can team up with Toronto Humane Society to make a difference, ensuring that more pets and families stay together. Your support is crucial, and together, we can make a positive change.

Become a Humane Champion

Take your commitment to the next level by becoming a Humane Champion. Thanks to the dedication of our monthly donors, we can act swiftly and help animals in need as soon as they require assistance. Your ongoing support ensures that our efforts are sustained, making a lasting impact on the lives of countless pets and their families.

Become a Foster Parent

The Urgent Care program plays a crucial role in supporting animals during their families’ temporary hardships. By opening your heart and home as a foster parent, you provide a safe haven for these animals, allowing their families the time they need to overcome their challenges. This program keeps families together and pets out of the shelter system, promoting a sense of stability and love. We are currently accepting applications from foster parents who are dedicated to caring for our special needs animals, such as TLC dogs, participants in the Urgent Care program, and unique species. If you are interested, kindly complete the application form on www.torontohumanesociety.com/foster.

Donate Towards the Cause

Your financial support can make a world of difference in assisting families facing hardships. By making a donation, you contribute to vital programs such as the Pet Parent Support Network. This program provides alternative solutions to surrendering a pet such as by providing pet food, supplies, and training. Click here to donate to make a difference today.

Participate in Fundraising Events

Engage in and support fundraising events organized by Toronto Humane Society – such as our annual Humane Open golf tournament, Paws in the Park, and Holiday Pet Pics. These events not only raise crucial funds but also foster a sense of community and shared purpose.

Adopt, Don’t Shop

Consider adopting a pet from Toronto Humane Society instead of purchasing one. By giving a home to a shelter animal, you not only provide them with a second chance at happiness but also contribute to the reduction of pet overpopulation. See animals available for adoption on our website.

Spread Awareness

Be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Share our mission and the importance of supporting Toronto Humane Society on your social media platforms. The more people know about our initiatives, the more likely we are to garner support and make a meaningful impact in the community.  

This article was initially showcased in the Winter 2023 issue of Animal Talk, a quarterly publication by Toronto Humane Society. Within its pages, the magazine provides invaluable pet advice, essential animal welfare updates, and regular insights to keep our community well-informed. You can now access this edition for free on issuu.