ECHOage your Party and Help Pets in Need

| October 28, 2022

ECHOage is an online service that turns celebrations into a way to help Toronto Humane Society improve the lives of animals. Kids get the gifts they want and learn the importance of giving back in a fun and easy way. 

Over $250,000 has been raised for Toronto Humane Society by our ECHOAge heroes like Grayson. 

Meet Grayson Our ECHOage Hero

Grayson decided to support Toronto Humane Society for his latest celebration. When asked why, he shared, “I love animals and it makes my heart feel full to help them feel better if they are sick or need help finding a forever home. I was sad when I heard there were hundreds of dogs in the shelter, and I wanted to help those dogs live a better life.” 

ECHOage your Party Today!

ECHOage is a simple tool that not only can make your child’s next celebration more meaningful but can also help you plan it. They provide free online invitations, secure gift and charity giving, online support, thank you notes and more.