| April 18, 2024
Happy Tails

While we have a very full house already, with two small dogs and a young cat, we hoped to provide a home for a cat in need and that our cat, Poppy, born 2020, would love to have someone to play with. But, we also knew that most cats are territorial and do not get along with new cats in their house, so it was a gamble.

Fortunately, with Pepper (fomerly Rostam) we got very lucky! While our cat Poppy did not take to him at all while we slowly integrated them together, he worked hard to connect with her and she came around. We used Feli-Friends for a couple months, and gave them both lots of space, and soon, they were playing and cuddling and doing everything together. He even loves the dogs!

We had some problems with him peeing in the corner at first, but we offered a second little box that they both use, and he has been much better, We also put a water bowl in the corner where he likes to go, and that keeps him from peeing there. He prefers to do his business outside, but since we do not let him out on his own, we usually take him for a quick “walk” on a leash in the back yard when he begs to be let out.

In summer, we spend hours relaxing in the yard while he sits with his harness on, watching birds and squirrels and soaking up the sunshine. This has worked well and gets us outside. He is not interested in going farther from the house or in walking out front on the sidewalk, though.

In the shelter, we were told that Pepper was timid and frightened, but once he settled in with us, he became the sweetest, most relaxed cat I have ever known, with the loudest purr possible. We can hear the two kitties scampering around the house at all hours, find them curled up together or peering out the window side-by-side. Pepper has been the most wonderful addition to our family and he has brought so much happiness, not least for our other favourite cat, Poppy, who has never been happier.

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