You Can Help Us Win $20,000

| June 2, 2023

The Great Canadian Giving Challenge has begun! For the entire month of June, every dollar donated to Toronto Humane Society through increases our chance to win the cash prize of $20,000. The more you give, the greater chance we have to win!   

What Would We Do with $20,000?

With rising inflation and costs of living, immense pressure has been put on pet parents. With nowhere else to go for help, a growing number of families are turning to Toronto Humane Society for support.  

To help pet parents care for, and remain with, their animals, Toronto Humane Society created the Pet Parent Support Network program. Pet parents can apply for a wide range of assistance from access to pet supplies and food, veterinary care, behavioural advice for all species, re-homing support, and more. 

From January to March 2023, the Pet Parent Support Network helped 1,365 pet parents, and diverted 18% of surrender requests. With $20,000, we would increase our life-changing support services and help many more animals and families stay together – like Emily’s family.  

Helping a Cat Adjust to Life with a Newborn

After giving birth to her baby, Emily noticed that her cat’s behaviour started to change. Her cat would become very needy and would not leave the baby alone. She was concerned that her cat was no longer happy. With not many resources available to her, Emily made the difficult decision to surrender her cat. 

After contacting Toronto Humane Society, Emily spoke with a Pet Parent Support agent. Once the agent understood Emily’s situation, they sent her behavioural documents that could help her cat to adjust to her new environment. Emily accepted the support, and a surrender was diverted. 

Help Expand Our Life-Changing Support Services

Every dollar you donate through counts as a ballot for us to enter to win the prize draw of $20,000. That means that if you make a $5 donation, that increases our chances of winning with 5 more ballots. Every donation, big or small, counts! 

Spread the word to friends, family, and followers on social media about how winning the Great Candian Giving Challenge will greatly help Toronto Humane Society to continue to support animals and their families in need.