| October 17, 2021
Happy Tails

I have always wanted to adopt. When I was looking to adopt, I was going through a very hard time and was a bit depressed. I was feeling really isolated and alone.

When we moved to Oshawa, I was hoping to find a dog, and I actually wanted another dog that was online. When I spoke with a Toronto Humane Society rep, she shared that there was a dog that was available. His sister was adopted already, Betty, and Berry was still available. I asked to me see this little guy and I fell in love.

I remember when I met Berry online, he was very busy, his tail was going, and he was so happy. I knew that he was my dog. I came to the shelter to pick him up and I remember he looked up at me and I was so in love – I was crying. I loved him right away.

He is the most loving, sweet, and kind puppy. He is amazing. He has changed my life in the best ways possible.

Everyone knows him. He is a bit of a celebrity in our neighbourhood. He is so filled with love, and gives me the love and support, more than what I would have ever wanted. When he looks at me, it is with so much love and so much admiration. He is the best. I am so grateful for Toronto Humane Society.

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