| April 20, 2021
Happy Tails

This little girl stole our hearts from the moment she ran out of the building. She was very quiet and calm at first, but after she realized she was in her forever home, her real personality came out to shine.

Hazel (formerly Hazelnut, but we probably shouldn’t have dropped the nut) is full of energy but even more full of love. Everyone she meets she needs to give kisses to. She even loves the vet and groomers!

She’s grown so much within the two months that we’ve have had her, both in size and confidence. While she catches on to obedience quickly, she also definitely tests us to make sure we’re always paying attention. We’ve lost a few meals on the way, including cupcakes and a bagel, but Hazel was very proud she got a second meal.

She loves going to doggy daycare and running all day with her doggy friends. Hazel also LOVES to cuddle. While she gets very hyper with affection, once she realizes you don’t want to play she’ll hop up on your lap (even though she’s definitely not lap dog size anymore) and cuddle right in. Her favourite thing
to do is sit on my feet and slowly steal the blanket from my lap as she’s sleeping.

I am so glad the stars aligned, and we got matched with Hazel. She’s been a welcome member to our home, and I can’t imagine my life without her. She already has picked up on emotional cues and is by side for everything.

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