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| January 7, 2022
Happy Tails

We adopted our little Jonsey-boy in April 2021. At the time, though he was generally well mannered, he did need time settle in and had a few things to work on. He tended to pull on walks, wasn’t always the best listener, gobbled food as if each meal might be his last, was jumpy, and mouthy. However, he was a sweetheart with a great personality, and we loved him instantly!

I believe he felt this love and began to trust in it. Today, not even a year after our first meeting, we are constantly grateful for him and impressed by his continuing improvements in behaviour! Recently he learned to sit and wait for the go ahead before his meals, which was something we did not expect, let alone so soon! Contrasting that to one of the first breakfasts where we learned he was not ok with touching during mealtime, and would protect his food and growl if he thought there was a chance one might take away the meal…and panic pee if the bowl was removed before he could inhale the contents.

On walks, he is a very good boy, responds to our ” family whistle” quite well and the back up “Here! NOW!” when overexcited. He knows sit, stay, paw, other paw, roll over, cross-cross-cross (for crossing the street) and we’re working on down and “no-bites, just love” for those mouthy moments!

He loves the beach and learned how to swim, he loves to cuddle and play, and is less jumpy and mouthy than before. He absolutely adores routine and will not let us deviate from what we have established! The time change was a particular nuisance for him!

He also adores the snow and really shows his snow-dog ancestry in the winter wonderland! He is great with kids, is spoiled as a grand-puppy, and thoroughly enjoyed his first Christmas with us!

We look forward to the journey ahead and all the beautiful moments to be shared with our beautiful boy. Thank you helping build our family!

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