| February 24, 2021

Poe was transferred to Toronto Humane Society after she had been surrendered to another organization due to injuries suffered in a balcony fall. When she arrived, her left front leg, which had suffered multiple fractures, had been set and was in a splint. 

Our medical team prescribed medication for pain and continued to monitor her and to change the splint as required. Unfortunately, Poe was very uncomfortable as the fractured bone remained unstable. Four weeks after the fall, Poe was sedated and an examination showed that the fractured bones were not mending at all – the leg would need to be amputated. 

Once the leg was amputated, Poe rapidly improved. Within three days, she was comfortable, eating well, able to get around, and the incision was healing nicely. 

Once Poe was medically cleared, she was adopted. 

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