Fighting Parvovirus: Jeanette and Rosie’s Inspiring Story

| October 3, 2023

Just like your pet, Rosie is more than just a dog to Jeanette; she is her lifeline, her confidant, and her support system. But on one summer day, everything changed. “Rosie threw up, she did not want to eat or drink anything – she just wanted to sleep which is not normal behaviour for Rosie.” Jeanette continued. “I called a few vets, and the price was so much for them to look at her. So, I brought Rosie to Toronto Humane Society.” Jeanette didn’t know if she would be saying goodbye to Rosie that day. 

Rosie had parvovirus, a deadly disease. Jeanette, residing in a low-income apartment, faced the harsh reality too many people face each day -she wasn’t sure how she would afford the extensive medical care Rosie urgently needed. Yet, the alternative option of surrendering Rosie for adoption, or potentially euthanizing her if she did not receive medical care, would be something too heartbreaking to face.  

Our medical team put together a cost-effective treatment plan and with their expert oversight and Jeanette’s dedication, Rosie began to recover. Today, she is a happy, healthy dog, back by Jeanette’s side, where she belongs. “If it wasn’t for Toronto Humane Society, Rosie wouldn’t be here. Rosie brings so much happiness and love into my life. I couldn’t imagine her not being here with me.”  

This is the power of your support in action. With you by our side, we can continue to provide essential veterinary care, raise awareness, and save countless innocent lives like Rosie’s. Together, we can stop the needless suffering of animals before it even begins.