Help Save Lives: Support Boogles and Pets in Need Today

| May 15, 2024

Boogles – the big-eyed, big-eared bloodhound mix, found her second chance at happiness through the kindness of a family of seven. When Jeff stumbled upon Boogles, she was enduring neglect and abuse from her original guardians. With hearts full of compassion, Jeff’s family took her in, and in no time, Boogles became the “heart” of their home. 

Boogles’ journey with her new family spanned nine beautiful years until an unforeseen crisis struck. Boogles faced a health emergency – pyometra, a life-threatening condition. The cost of her essential treatment was beyond their means, compounded by Jeff’s sudden medical condition, rendering him unable to work. It was a heartbreaking dilemma – the family’s beloved companion needed urgent care, but financial constraints stood in the way. 

Knowing that they were on borrowed time, they turned to Toronto Humane Society’s Public Veterinary Services, hoping for a miracle. As Emily, Boogles’ mom, recounts, “went home to the saddest, emptiest house,” to wait.  

Thanks to the unwavering support of compassionate donors, Boogles received the life-saving surgery she desperately needed. Boogles’ surgery was a success, and she was ready to return home.  

Help Animals like Boogles

Boogles’ story is not unique. Countless pets, like her, need access to essential medical care that their families simply cannot afford. Your generosity can rewrite their narratives, turning despair into hope and heartache into healing. 

Your donation today ensures that pets in need receive the vital medical care they deserve. As Emily wrote to us, “if you are in a position where you are making a choice between paying rent and eating, you definitely can’t afford veterinary services at a standard vet. I personally am so grateful for Toronto Humane Society’s existence.” 

Together, we can prevent the heartache of empty homes and ensure that every pet receives the love and care they deserve. Please, donate now and help keep loving families together during the toughest times.