Humane Champion - Rammy


| May 31, 2023

Rammy was presented to Toronto Humane Society with a history of urinary issues. Upon close examination, our medical team diagnosed Rammy with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). This disease causes difficult and painful urination, increased urination frequency, and blood in the urine.  

Improving Rammy’s quality of life required a comprehensive plan developed by our medical and behavioral teams. Part of this plan included transitioning Rammy onto a specialized urinary care diet and moving him into a loving foster home where he can receive tender care in the comfort of a home. His confidence grew in his foster home, and he became a friendly, playful cat who always wanted to be near his foster mom.  

Thanks to your support, Rammy received the medical and behavioural assistance he needed to become a happy and healthy cat. He is now ready to start the next chapter in his journey by finding his forever home.  

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