Humane Champion - Stripes


| July 19, 2023

Imagine the overwhelming fear, shock, and excruciating agony that would consume you if you were to fall from a balcony from the third floor. Regrettably, this horrifying nightmare became a harsh reality for Stripes, an adorable one-year-old kitten.  

Upon immediate diagnostic tests, we discovered that Stripes had sustained a right femoral fracture. Emergency surgery was no longer a question, but a necessity for his very survival.  

Thanks to your generous support, Stripes underwent a successful surgery and made a remarkable recovery, gradually returning to his playful and carefree self. It is all thanks to your compassion for animals that we were able to provide Stripes with immediate, efficient, and effective care. Now healed and brimming with joy, Stripes has been adopted and is enjoying a fulfilling and happy life. 

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