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Giving a voice to the voiceless

Why we advocate

Our voice is our most powerful tool. It has the ability to incite change, spread awareness & education, and impact lives in a positive way. When our voice is amplified, it has the power to do even more; reaching vital stakeholders, government officials, celebrities, and other people of influence. Through advocacy we are able to maximize our life saving capacity.


Animals can’t speak for themselves. They can’t say “no” when injustice occurs. They require advocacy, in order to receive the respect, love and compassion every sentient being deserves.


Through education, campaigning and lobbying, our goal is to ensure we give animals a strong voice so that they may never suffer in silence.

How you can help

Become an ally today!

Visit our Advocacy Page to learn more about our past and current advocacy initiatives and campaigns, as well as the programs we have available for pet parents to support animals in the community.

Spread the word

You never know who you may be able to inspire! So, plant seeds everywhere you go. Use compelling and persuasive language and always speak knowledgably with reliable sources. A simple conversation may resonate with an individual, leading to positive change in public opinion.

Get Active on Social

Social media provides a meaningful platform that can be used to share our informational blogs and resources with a wider audience.


Follow our social media to stay up-to-date on current or on-going advocacy initiatives! Like, comment and engage in every way possible in order to bring a louder voice to the voiceless. Be sure to re-share our posts to expand our reach even further!

Stronger Together

When we join hand-in-hand, collectively bringing light to critical causes, we are able to achieve our mission to Improve the Lives of Animals.

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