Pet Parent Support Network

Toronto Humane Society recognizes the value that the Human-Animal Bond has to both the guardian and the pet. We also recognize that the best place for every pet is a loving home.

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to providing services, support and shelter to both the pets and the guardians in need of assistance. Our shelter admissions program is bound by the following guiding principles:

Toronto Humane Society works to improve the greatest number of animal lives possible through its programs and services. All individuals engaging with the THS will be treated with compassion and respect, regardless of their reason for seeking support.

Pet Parent Support

Our Pet Parent Support Network was established with the primary purpose of taking a structured approach to ensure that each Pet and Guardian gets the support, advice, and service they need – services and support to build, maintain, and strengthen the Human-Animal Bond.

Secondarily, the Pet Parent Support Program is designed to support guardians in finding alternatives to surrender. Toronto Humane Society strives to operate a first-class animal shelter with the highest quality programs, services and facilities supported by expert staff. However, any shelter, no matter how good, is still a shelter – and – a shelter is simply not a home.

The resources utilized and referenced throughout our program have been carefully and thoughtfully created, reviewed and come recommended by our expert staff that include:

We Are Here For You and Your Pet

The Pet Parent Support Network is here to help you with a variety of matters related to caring for your pet or pets in the community. Here is a list of the support services available through Toronto Humane Society’s Pet Parent Support Network:

If you are looking for more information about what service or programs are available in your community or at Toronto Humane Society, please submit a support request using the following button and a Pet Parent Support Team Member will contact you shortly



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