27 cats

27 Cats and One Caretaker

| November 11, 2021

Our community cat populations needs your support

Like many animal lovers, when you see a stray cat, you want to help them. They’re small, lonely, and vulnerable.

What would you do if the one cat you were helping becomes 27 cats? This is the predicament a woman in a remote community found herself in. She was caring for stray cats and even bottle feeding some kittens, but with the lack of access to veterinary care she quickly became overwhelmed as the cats continued having litters.

She contacted Toronto Humane Society for help.

Our Animal Transport Team made two trips to the remote community and picked up 27 cats in total. We spayed/neutered and vaccinated all 27. Three of the cats were returned to the care of their caretaker, while the rest were made available for adoption and found families to call their own.

It is thanks to the support of our animal loving community that we can help the community cat population. Without veterinary support, the population could grow by 18-20% per year. Sadly, this rapid growth could lead to an increase in euthanasia rates in areas with limited access to this type of support.

To help the community cat population, we offer a Trap-Neuter-Return program. Through this service, we ensure that community cats are given necessary assistance to improve their overall wellbeing so that they may live healthy, happy lives.

We are not a city-run program and so this service is funded by generous supporters like you, and run by our Public Veterinary Services team. Your donation today will help support the community cat population by covering the cost of spay/neuter surgeries and vaccines that are used to improve the lives of these animals in-need.