8 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day

| August 26, 2022

As dog parents, we love our dogs to the end of the Earth. In fact, we love them so much that we will take every and any opportunity to celebrate them and shower them with love – such as National Dog Day. 

To help you get started on your celebration, here are a few ways you can spoil the dogs in your life. 

Let Them Lead the Way

Flip the roles and let your dog lead you on a walk. Let them walk as fast or slow as they’d like, sniff everything they want, and who knows, you might find a new favourite walking route. 

Challenge Your Dog with a Puzzle

Mental stimulation is important in your dog’s life, and what better way to encourage them to use their brain than with a puzzle? Kong toys are a favourite amongst the dogs in our care. Put a little bit of cheese whiz or dog-friendly peanut butter in there and watch your dog have fun trying to get all the goodness out of their puzzle toy.  

Enroll in a Training Class and Strength Your Human-Animal Bond

Not only can your pup learn polite greetings, how to walk cooperatively on a leash, and other basic manners but working regularly with your dog will also help you to understand their needs better, which will help you and your pup strengthen your unique bond.  

In celebration of National Dog Day we are offering 10% off our Group Training Classes!  To register for Foundations Skills, Scent Detection or Rally Obedience, use the coupon code NATIONALDOGDAY1.  To register for Loose Leash Walking Skills, Puppy Manners and Socialization or Intermediate Obedience Skills, use the coupon code NATIONALDOGDAY2.  Codes valid until December 31, 2022. 

Allow Them to Pick Their New Toy

Have you seen the videos on social media where pet parents take their dogs to a pet store and allow them to choose their own toy? It’s the cutest thing! It makes your dog happy because they were able to pick their favourite toy and it will also put a smile on the faces of everyone around. 

Microchip Your Pooch

This one may not be as exciting for your dog (depending on how much they like going to the vet), but microchipping your dog is one of the best things you can do in case your pup gets out or is lost. Learn more about microchipping here. 

Treat Them to a Puppuccino

Many ice cream places or coffee shops offer tasty treats made especially for dogs. You’ll have as much fun watching them eat it as they will eating it. 

Spoil your Dog with Attention

What dogs really want most is your time and attention. They would be happy to just hangout – playing, snugging, watching TV, or even just taking a nap together. Dogs don’t really need fancy toys or expensive treats to feel loved – all they need is you! 

Send Gifts to Dogs in Need

If you don’t have a dog but would still like to celebrate National Dog Day, the dogs in our care would be happy to accept your love!  Drop by our building at 11 River Street to see dogs looking for their forever homes. We are always happy to accept dog food, treats, and toys. You could also send a monetary gift here.