A Big Thank You From Little Dean

| August 23, 2021

Dean the kitten is a 3-month-old bundle of love! This Scottish Fold has a charming personality and mesmerizing eyes. However, Dean’s had a challenging start.

When we first welcomed him into our care at 3-weeks-old, he was the size of a 5-day-old kitten. Our robust team of experts did everything possible to give Dean the best fighting chance. They took immediate action and made a plan to provide him with everything he would require to not only survive but thrive.

This tiny trooper’s journey to recovery has had its challenges. He was born with a clef palette and is currently being fed by a tube. The cleft palette also effects his sinuses, so he is taking medications to help him grow big and strong. Dean eagerly awaits until he turns 6-months-old to be able to undergo cleft palate surgery to get him back to enjoying delicious meals with ease!

He is currently in the trusted and loving care of one of our resident vets and foster parent. With each new day, our superstar Dean is doing his best in becoming stronger and more handsome!

Dean’s medical surgeries along with his medications can add up to a significant cost. Without supporters like you, we would not have had the medical experts or the resources to help Dean.

Friend, your additional gift today of $20, $50 or even $200 will go directly to rescuing the next animal in need, providing them with high-quality medical care, daily food and shelter, and of course, a place to call home.

Thank you for your continued support of Toronto Humane Society.