A Special Thank You from Nisa

| November 4, 2021
Nisa was shot in the face with a BB gun. 
After consulting the x-rays, we saw that 22 metallic BB pellets were lodged through Nisa’s body. Based on the distribution, we believe she was shot face-on. As a result of being shot by a BB gun, Nisa’s vision is now permanently impaired.

Nisa struggled on her walks and would frequently bump into things because of her vision impairment. But with some extra love, care, and patience, Nisa’s began to walk more confidently. Thanks to the support from our animal-loving community, Nisa recently found her forever home.

“We are working on a few training commands, and she is doing really well! I realized most of my normal training required visual cues, so we restructured a little bit and now she is sitting pretty and waiting patiently when the door opens,” said Nisa’s adopter. “She has made a few messes along the way, but the amount of love and joy she gives is irreplaceable. I would not change a thing about her.”

Nisa came into our care through our Animal Transport Program. Through this program, we make every effort to ensure that all animals, near and far, have access to care and shelter.  With your donation today, you will be supporting this life-saving program and helping to reduce euthanasia across all our partner communities. With your support, we can continue to work with local organizations to re-home more animals – like Nisa – and give them the second chance they deserve.