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Meet Gumaro – This Handsome, Brown-Eyed Boy is Full of Love and Looking for his Forever Home

| December 10, 2021

Have you met Gumaro? You might have seen his photo on our adoption page, but we’d like to officially introduce you. 

Gumaro arrived in our care 2 years ago, after journeying all the way from Mexico. With a bounce in his step and a smile on his face, he was just a young pup ready to start his adventure in Canada.  

But, shortly after his arrival he fractured his hind leg and had to have surgery. You can probably imagine how frustrating this was for a young, energetic pup like Gumaro. He wanted to run, he wanted to play, he wanted to meet  everyone he could with sloppy kisses. But Gumaro was still in recovery. 


Gumaro as a puppy in Mexico

Gumaro as a puppy in Mexico.

Now after taking some time to work on himself, Gumaro has brushed up on his house manners and his leash skills – picking up a few cool yoga stretches too – and now he’s ready for the next chapter in his life.  

To help us introduce you to Gumaro, we interviewed his current Foster Parent to give everyone a better idea of what a day in the life with Gumaro, aka Gumi, is really like! 

Q: What is the average day with Gumaro like? 

A: There are lots of cuddles and naps on any average day. He starts off with morning snuggles, then it’s off to backyard time, and sometimes we get to go for a little walk before breakfast. After breakfast he’ll take a nap, play until he’s tired, and then nap again. When wakes up, he enjoys a bit of playtime in the backyard before eating dinner. To wind down the day, we enjoy evening cuddles before bedtime. 

Q: What is one characteristic of his that you especially admire? 

A: Gumi loves to learn and experience new things. He is extremely adaptable! He has made lots of progress and is continuously learning to transfer his amazing house manners to the outdoors. One of his favourite activities is having guests over and meeting new people. He has lots of love to give! 


Q: What is Gumaro like with people and strangers? 

A: Gumi LOVES meeting new people in the home! He can tell when we are expecting guests and he waits at the door to greet them. He loves to show off his tricks and will even sit in guests’ laps! When our guests leave, he gets sad and watches their car pull out of the driveway. Everyone who meets Gumi falls in love with him and loves to  visit him – he’s a real charmer!  

Gumi hasn’t met any children inside the home yet. He does love men and women equally that he’s met in the home. He’s still working on his behaviour when outside. Outside, Gumi reacts to everyone the same, which is usually with barking unless they keep their distance. Having treats on hand helps to distract him and encourage positive behaviours.  

Q: What is the biggest improvement you’ve noticed in Gumaro? 

A: When we first brought him home, he was more independent. Now, he loves to be near us and initiates playtime and pets. When our alarm goes off in the morning, he comes to wake us up with lots of cuddles and kisses. He comes to visit us in the home office throughout the workday as well. He is more loving and affectionate which each and every day!  

Q: What would be Gumaro’s ideal home? 

A: He’d love a home with a fenced-in backyard. He would benefit from being with someone who has experience with dogs in need of additional training or is willing to spend time training Gumi to help him translate his amazing manners from inside to outside the home. 

If you’re interested in knowing more about Gumaro, and making him your forever friend, please fill out this form and a virtual meet-and-greet will be arranged to meet Gumaro. He can’t wait to give you some puppy kisses!