Talking about Wellness in the Latest Animal Talk

| January 20, 2023

From providing life-saving care onsite, to sharing life-changing research online, to providing specialized behaviour programs to emergency foster care for families in desperate need – the wide spectrum of “wellness” is both the means and the end in our efforts. It’s how we improve lives. 

Thanks to the overwhelming support we receive from our community, this past year saw great strides in promoting and sharing wellness among animals and pet parents. 

The latest Animal Talk magazine features: 

  • An interview with Dr. Karen Ward, Chief Veterinary Officer, as she shares how Toronto Humane Society has adjusted during her 30 years in animal welfare 
  • Larisa Nagelberg, Division Manager of Community Sheltering & Animal Transport, discusses how the Urgent Care program keeps families together 
  • Melissa Shupak, Division Manager of Shelter Programs, shares expert training tips to help deal with canine “stranger danger” 
  • Dr. Jacklyn Ellis, Director of Behaviour, talks about her two published chapters in Animal Behavior for Shelter Veterinarians and Staff  
  • Winter wellness tips, success stories, and more! 

Animal Talk – Issue 29 is available to read for free on Issuu.