Animals like Jaylow Urgently Need Your Help

| December 9, 2021

We will never know what exactly happened to 6-year-old Jaylow, but it is likely that he was hit by a car. His right hind leg was badly broken, and x-rays showed that many of his abdominal organs were sitting in his chest cavity. He struggled to breathe while his major organs, compressed together, were at risk of failing.

Jaylow required surgery to repair his diaphragmatic hernia. With large pieces of his diaphragm torn, it was going to be a challenging procedure, even for an experienced surgeon. But the surgery was a success, and Jaylow spent the night in the ICU with a tube in his chest and hooked up to an intravenous catheter and sophisticated monitoring equipment.

A week later, Jaylow was back in for surgery to repair his fractured leg. These injuries were so severe, veterinarians made the difficult but necessary decision to amputate the leg.

Thanks to veterinary and shelter staff, and a personalized rehabilitation program designed just for him, Jaylow is doing well. He lives with a foster parent who has helped him adjust to life on three legs. Together, they snuggle, play, and go on plenty of adventures outside. They have developed such a tight bond that Jaylow’s foster home will soon become his forever home.

Help us be there for the many thousands of animals just like Jaylow

His situation was dire, but thanks to you, Jaylow received the emergency care he needed when he needed it. But there are so many others who need help. Animals, like Jaylow, who require costly short-and-long term care.

Friend, your additional gift today will help us be there for animals in desperate need. A donation today of $25, $50 or even $100 will go directly towards rescuing animals like Jaylow and to providing them with high quality medical care, daily food and shelter, and of course, a place to call home.