Read the Latest Issue of Toronto Humane Society’s Magazine – AnimalTalk

| September 9, 2022

The latest issue of AnimalTalk is here!  

AnimalTalk celebrates the ever-important human-animal bond. This unique bond  is the driving force behind everything that Toronto Humane Society does. 

Toronto Humane Society supports pet parents from the beginning of a pet’s new journey all the way to the end. Our programs support adoption, training, pet support, and even humane euthanasia.  

Read about how Doc, a young energic Toronto Humane Society alumnus, helped his pet parent deal with uncertainty during the pandemic, how training helped improved the bond between Tito and his pet parents, and about how seven adorable puppies who were left to fend for themselves in the cold were transported from Manitoba to the GTA to find their forever homes. 

This issue also discusses the importance of animal transport and how we use this program to save hundreds of lives every year, how we celebrated our 135th anniversary, and how we provide soft hearted care to pet parents as they say their final goodbyes to their beloved pet.  

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