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Become a Humane Champion Today!

| September 27, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Toronto, September 27th, 2021 — Toronto Humane Society has launched an exciting new monthly program – Humane Champions.

This program will give animal lovers the opportunity to have a direct impact on the lives of animals in-need. Through monthly support, it aims to elevate the role of the supporter to something more intimate and meaningful. To become a Humane Champion is to become a lifetime friend to animals.

The Humane Champion will sustain the resources that allow Toronto Humane Society to improve outcomes for all animals, help the community at large, and strengthen the human-animal bond for generations to come.

This summer, we saw more than 500 animals come into our building. With 300 animals in our care at the end of May, and more coming in through the summer months, by the end of July we had 510 animals we were caring for. Every one of these animals received the same quality of care and support provided by our roster of dedicated staff and volunteers.

The costs of care

Every animal is worth saving, sheltering, and rehoming. At the same time, providing industry-leading care requires continued support from our community. From food, shelter, and emergency medical treatment to long-term term care such as rehabilitation or behavioural training support – world class care comes with a cost.

For example, the amount spent by Toronto Humane Society on primary medical and shelter care during the summer of 2021 was more than $1.2 million.  

Furthermore, Toronto Humane Society anticipates this cost to rise as more animals are surrendered into our care with advanced needs. This anticipation is based on findings that reveal two things: first, family pets increased by 2 million between the years 2008 to 2018; second, during that same period, the average number of clients per veterinarian dropped by 30%.

Approximately 40% of Canada’s 16.5 million pet cats and dogs are without a current relationship with a veterinarian.

With access to veterinary care a growing problem, these trends are likely to get worse. While Toronto Humane Society will always be there for the animals, these trends, and the growing costs accompanying them, will continue to put pressure on our resources and capacity for care.

The Humane Champion Program

To ensure we are always there for animals in need, Toronto Humane Society has launched the Humane Champion program.

Through monthly support, this program allows animal lovers to directly impact the lives of animals in a more intimate way. The Humane Champion helps animals not only in the short term with emergency care, but also in the long term, through ongoing care and support. The Humane Champion is a supporter, but also a best friend and a hero, to animals in need.

Toronto Humane Society is determined to lead animal welfare initiatives in the industry. But we cannot do this without the generous support of our community. By elevating the role of the supporter to a Humane Champion, we can sustain the resources that allow us to improve outcomes for all animals, help the community at large, and strengthen the human-animal bond.

By becoming a Humane Champion, you are directly contributing to the life-saving efforts of Toronto Humane Society. Learn more about the many ways a Humane Champion can impact the lives of animals in need.