Beetle’s Miraculous Recovery After Being Bitten by a Large Dog 

| April 28, 2023

One moment, Beetle was playing with his favourite toy. The next, he was being rushed to Toronto Humane Society for urgent surgery.

He had suffered a severe bite from a much larger dog. It left a gaping wound extending across the entire side of his small body. It cut through layers of skin, fat, and muscle, and would have fractured his ribs if he was just a little skinnier.

Our veterinarians had to act fast, as infection was almost guaranteed if the wound was not immediately cleaned and closed. Once Beetle was placed under general anesthesia, our team began carefully removing dead tissue. The opening was then thoroughly flushed, and the wound was carefully sutured shut. 

Beetle’s wound healed faster than anyone could have expected. Less than a month after the bite, he was slowly getting back to his sweet and snuggly self.

This is all thanks to the generosity of our supporters. Their donations ensured that Beetle arrived, not at just any animal shelter, but at an industry-leading organization with world-class care and support. 

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