Better Together – Why You Should Adopt a Pair of Bonded Bunnies

| February 25, 2022
February is Adopt a Bunny month! Adopt a rabbit (or a pair of bonded rabbits) today and get 50% off the adoption fee.

Rabbits are happiest living in pairs. While they love and enjoy human companionship, there are certain social needs that even the most loving pet parents can never completely fulfil. 

Rabbits living in bonded pairs are generally healthier than singly kept rabbits. They experience less stress, have stronger immune systems, and have longer life spans on average. But does having a bonded pair take away from the human-animal bond? How much more will it cost? Should I bond my current household rabbit? Read on to find out! 

Bonded rabbits and the human-animal bond 

The pair will rely on each other for most things, such as emotional companionship, but there are a few things that only you can do! Brushings, bunny massages, and giving them their favourite snacks will all support a healthy human-animal relationship! 

Consider the costs 

While bonded rabbits share everything from their litterbox, to toys, food and water, and housing pen, there is still an added cost to consider. You will need to plan on using additional hay, food, and litter pellets.  

Bonding bunnies at home 

Bonding two unfamiliar rabbits is a delicate process. If you want to bond your current rabbit to a partner, click here for information that will guide you through this tricky, but ultimately rewarding, experience. 

We have bonded rabbits

Meet some of our adorable, fluffy, and fun pairs that are looking for their forever home together. Plus, adopt a rabbit during the month of February to receive 50% off the adoption fee – that means you can bring home a bonded pair of bunnies for $40! 

The Fun Guys: Shiitake and Agedashi

These two love cardboard boxes and soft plushies. They’ll snuggle up for a bunny nap, and then wake up and tear the boxes apart. You will often find these two exploring their area, playing with each other, and cuddling together. 

The Fluffy Pair: Caramelo and Midnight

These cuddle buns are sweet, social, cuddly, and curious. They love attention and will no doubt have you laughing out loud with their poofy-haired antics. 

The Iconic Duo: Archie and Veronica

Veronica and Archie are best buds. You’ll often find them grooming, playing, and chewing on their snacks together. 

On-site adoptions are open

Ready to bring home a bonded pair of bunnies? Click here to view bunnies looking for their forever home and then head on over to 11 River Street to start the adoption process today!