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Your Odds of Winning are even Higher

| January 21, 2022

Toronto Humane Society’s Catch the Ace is 34 weeks in, and the ace of spades still hasn’t been found!  

The 7 of Clubs was pulled this past Tuesday, and our Week 33 winner has claimed $946.00. 

The ace of spades is still up for grabs!

Because we are now 34 weeks into our Catch the Ace raffle, the odds of catching the ace are even higher. And they will continue to get higher with each passing week!  

Feeling lucky? Maybe you’ll be the one to finally Catch the Ace! Pick a card, purchase your tickets, and enter the raffle to win your prize. 

How to Play

Step 1: Buy 

The key to catching the ace, and winning the raffle, is to purchase tickets every week to be eligible to win the weekly draw. The more you play, the higher your chances are of catching the ace of spades and winning the grand jackpot – which is currently estimated over $29,700.00!  

Step 2: Pick 

Choose the card where you think the ace of spades is hiding. 

Step 3: Draw 

Check out our social media platforms on Tuesday morning to see if you are our weekly winner and if you have selected the ace of spades. If your card and ticket number were selected but you did not catch the ace of spades, you still win the weekly jackpot! 

Step 4: Play Again 

If the ace of spades was not drawn, a new weekly draw begins. Buy your tickets each week for your chance to win. 

Ticket sales support pets in need

20% of ticket sales go towards the weekly jackpot, 30% of the ticket sales go towards the progressive jackpot, and 50% of ticket sales goes towards helping pets and the pet loving community! Your contributions will support the animals in our care, our public and subsidized veterinary services and our community outreach programs. 

Tickets are 10 for $10, 40 for $20, and 100 for $40. Buy a ticket, improve the lives of animals, and who knows, maybe you’ll be the one who takes home that huge cash prize. What are you waiting for? Purchase your tickets today.