Celebrating the Passion and Dedication of our Animal Care Workers

| April 14, 2023

We’re recognizing and celebrating our Animal Care Workers (ACWs) from April 9th to April 15th. Throughout the week, we have showcased our ACWs on social media, presented them with awards, and organized various engaging activities. ACWs play a crucial role in ensuring the welfare and quality of life of animals, and we are grateful for their dedication and commitment to Improving the Lives of Animals daily. 

ACWs are responsible for providing all the necessary care to animals, including hands-on work that creates a strong bond between them and the animals. Many of the animals in our care develop social skills through interacting with our ACWs, which has a positive impact on their lives. 

Our ACWs are highly passionate about their work and have a genuine desire to care for each animal before finding their forever home. Their work requires patience, resilience, and strength which makes their passion for animal welfare even more commendable. This week, we’ve highlighted and recognized their irreplaceable contributions and we will continue to highlight their efforts every day. 

Our ACWs’ dedication and hard work are vital to ensuring that we provide the best possible care for every animal in our community and beyond. We have a deep commitment to treating each animal as if they were our own, and our ACWs are a shining example of this. 

To all the Animal Care Workers at Toronto Humane Society, thank you for your dedication and unwavering commitment to your work. We appreciate your efforts, not only during this week but every day.